Quinta do Falcao

Internship at a beautiful stable in Portugal! A unique way to learn more about Portuguese horsemanship, our culture and our Lusitanos.

What can you expect from your internship?

  • working with our beautiful Lusitano’s (mainly stallions and mares)
  • Get lessons in dressage and working equitation
  • Preparing the horses for riding
  • Working with young horses
  • Riding horses
  • Participate in our shows as a rider
  • Taking care of the horses
  • Cleaning tack and saddles.
  • Maintaining the stables
  • Communication with clients coming for vacation and training at the farm
  • Working in a great team
  • Nice warm climate
  • Working with the beautiful Lusitano horses

Are you:

  • Looking for a cool internship abroad?
  • A go-getter?
  • Crazy about Lusitanos or want to become this?
  • Someone who can keep things tidy?
  • A team player?
  • Someone who loves nice weather?
  • Between the ages of 16- 24Then this might be the change for you!